So why do you really need The Mobile ATM Guys?

You’ll be surprised at why you really NEED an ATM machine, whether at your next event or at your place of business.  Read on below for some interesting facts on ATM statistics and how they can increase your bottom dollar at your next event.

  • Customers using an ATM at a place of business will spend roughly 20-25% more than a non-ATM using customer
  • 60% of US residents between 25 and 30 years of age, and 51% between 35 and 49 use ATM’s eight times per month
  • Average amount of money withdrawn from an ATM transaction is $60.40
  • Research shows that 60-70% of money withdrawn from an ATM transaction is spent at that event or place of business!
  • ATM’s at retail locations dispensing $20 bills increase event sales by over 8%!
  • Businesses who have an ATM can increase net profit by up to 6% by reducing credit card processing fees AND by reducing staff time with credit card processing!
  • THERE IS NO COST TO YOU – We provide landbased, wireless and internet connectivity solutions!

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